Choral Tips


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A Brief History of Jazz & Popular Singing

     How vocal jazz, show choir, and popular group singing got its start


Can We Sit Anywhere? Answers To This Perennial Student Question

     Create more efficient rehearsals through seating arrangements that work


How To Introduce A Piece Of Music So Your Students Will Learn (And Love!) It

     Introduce new music more effectively through better preparation and rehearsal techniques


Motivating Your Choir

     Achieve higher musical aims through effective group motivation


Developing A Good Perfornmance Attitude Through Well-Structured Rehearsals

     Improve a group’s musical quality through effective rehearsal techniques


Do You Have A Well-Balanced Choral Music Program?

     Developing a well-rounded choral music program provides students with a total music education


You Can Learn To Scat Sing

     Techniques and concepts to enhance the learning of beginning vocal improvisation